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Office of Transportation

Patti Hillard, Director

(814) 355-4814, Ext. 3009 or 3033

Fax:  (814) 353-2421

Tracey Deitrich, school bus driver                       

~~  Carrying our District's most precious cargo  ~~


Kindergarten Students


Kindergarten students will not be dropped off at a bus stop unless a parent or guardian is at the bus stop waiting for the child.  If no one is at the stop, the child will be returned to the school following the completion of the bus run.  A parent may notify the school that this service is not necessary.  The bus driver will then be notified.


Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions:

May students ride a bus that they are not scheduled to be riding?


How early should I be outside in the morning when waiting for the bus?


What are some Safety Guidelines students should follow when riding the bus?






PA's School Bus Stopping Law

Kids, the School Bus & YOU









School Bus Operators Certified by the State

School bus operators for the Bellefonte Area School District have been certified by the PA DOT.  Our drivers are trained professionals.  Please support the drivers in their important task of transporting our children.







Know and follow the School Bus Stopping Law, and INSIST that other motorists do the same!!