Bellefonte Area School District
What Makes Bellefonte
So Special?


    Throughout its history, Bellefonte has been blessed with a succession of leaders and community members whose genuine loyalty and friendship has lent itself to the enhancement of our educational aspirations and goals.


    Our former students are among our strongest allies. Recent efforts to renew friendships with our Alumni have proven to be an exciting and beneficial partnership. As the strands of red and white thread commonality between the past and present, alumni are interested in contributing to the preparation and preservation of future educational endeavors.

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    Combining educational experience, enthusiasm, a stimulating curriculum, and an innovative approach, our staff continuously provides exceptional opportunities for all students:

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Educational Pathways

    We provide a diversified environment that encourages growth and direction in each of our students while preparing all for a changing world.

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Individualized Attention

    Each student brings a unique perspective and background to class. Accessible, creative, and flexible options encourage students to grow personally and intellectually. Staff members are attentive to the individual student and adapt course presentation in a manner as to attract all learners.

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