Bellefonte Area School District

Final Report on the Citizen Advisory Committees

District Wide Feasibility Study

September, 2000

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Citizenís Advisory Committee

Mr. David Modricker, Chairman   Mr. J. Greg Myers  
Mr. William MacMath, Vice Chairman   Mr. Edward L. Olsen, Jr.  
Mr. Brian Book   Mr. Thomas L. Parrish  
Ms. Janeen Grasser   Ms. Gail Reitz  
Ms. Stacey M. Ingram   Mr. Vernon Reitz  
Mr. Randy Klock   Mr. David Smith  
Ms. Karen L. Krish   Mr. Mike Soble  
Mr. Wayne R. Leone   Mr. George Stone  
Mr. John W. Lowery, Jr.   Ms. Deborah Zimmerman  

Mr. Scott Mauger  

 Hayes Large Architects Study Team

Mr. Brad Furey, Senior Associate

Dr. Oscar Knade, Edvise Associate

Dr. James Ryland, EdVise Associate

Mr. Brian Hayes, Project Manager, Architect

Mr. S. Dwight Knouse, Partner

The Bellefonte Area School District Citizenís Advisory Committee and Hayes Large Architects 

extends its appreciation to the following individuals for their assistance in completing this study:

  Board of Directors  

Ms. Lorraine Mulfinger, President   Mr. Jacob Hanchar  
Mr. Dennis Doll, Vice President   Mr. Robert Lumley-Sapanski  
Mr. Richard Rogers, Treasurer   Mr. Rodney Musser  

Mr. Dallas Alexander

Mr. John Walker
Ms. Constance Davis  

Dr. Joseph Bonita, Superintendent

Ms. Colleen Qaseem, Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Jan Crockett, Director/Fiscal Affairs

Dr. Mary Ellen Sabatino, Director of Special Education

Dr. Kathy Myers Wunder, Principal, Bellefonte High School

Mr. Joseph Goodnack, Principal, Bellefonte Middle School

Ms. Cathy Brachbill, Interim Principal, Pleasant Gap Elementary School

Mr. Tim Miller, Principal, Marion-Walker Elementary School

Ms. Marilyn Bonita, Principal Benner Elementary School

Ms. Elaine Cutler, Principal, Bellefonte Elementary School

Mr. Chad Spackman, Buildings and Grounds

Committee-Board Liaison Ė Ms. Kathy Evey

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