This survey is being given to every staff member in the Bellefonte Area School District.

Your participation in this survey is important to me, and I hope you will take about ten minutes of your valuable time to respond.

Please be aware that there is 2500 character limit to your text responses.

Please select your building:       

Part I.

1.  What is your job responsibility area?  

Teacher     Custodial/Maintenance    Secretary/Clerical    Transportation

Cafeteria    Administrative    Other    


2.  Students are often given the grades A, B, C, D and FAIL to show how well they’re doing in school.  Suppose the Bellefonte Area School District were graded in the same way.  All things considered, what grade would you give the Bellefonte Area School District?  

   "A"          "B"         "C"         "D"         "FAIL"         "Can't Say"  


3.  In your opinion, what’s the single biggest problem facing the Bellefonte Area School District?



4.  Now, on the positive side, is there anything about the Bellefonte Area School District that you think is particularly good?  



5.  Suppose for a moment you were a school board member planning for the future.  What one thing would you do to make sure the Bellefonte Area School District students were well prepared for the future?  



Part II.

After each statement, please indicate if you tend to agree or tend to disagree with the statement.  If you can’t say, indicate CS (can’t say).

  Agree Disagree CS
1.  Bellefonte Area schools can be described as good places to learn.      
2.  Our schools expect the best from students.      
3.  Parents in this community generally encourage their children to do the best they can.      
4.  Most people in this community believe the schools are adequately preparing students for the future.      
5.  All things considered, our schools are better today than they were five years ago.      
6.  Bellefonte Area schools are open to new ideas.      
7.  The Bellefonte Area School District appears to be headed in the right direction.      
8.  The administrators running things in the Bellefonte Area School District appear to know what they’re doing.      
9.  I am personally pleased with the quality of schooling in this community.      
10.  Generally speaking, working conditions in this school district are good.      
11.  I am satisfied with my work assignment.      
12.  I consider my job interesting.      
13.  Most people have respect for the kind of work I do.      
14.  You can state your honest opinions in this school district without worrying that someone will “get back at you.”      
15.  If I have a complaint or suggestion, I feel free to express it.      
16.  My supervisor has a real interest in the personal welfare and happiness of his/her staff.      
17.  My supervisor cares about me as an individual.      
18.  My supervisor keeps me informed on matters important to my work.      
19.  I can believe what my supervisor says.      
20.  My supervisor is interested in what his/her staff members have to say.      
21.  I feel free to discuss job problems with my supervisor.      
22.  Most employees in this school district do a good job.      
23.  Differences of opinion in my department/school are usually resolved without conflict.      
24.  My work environment permits free and open exchanges of ideas and information.      
25.  Most employees here are willing to “go the extra mile” to get the job done.      
26.  My supervisor usually gives me “a pat on the back” when I do a good job.      
27.  I have sufficient materials and supplies to do my job.      
28.  I can count on my supervisor for support in the performance of my job.      
29.  I believe my efforts here are appreciated.      
30.  My supervisor likes to try new things.      
31.  My supervisor listens when I have an idea.      
32.  Communication between my supervisor and me is adequate.      
33.  I think my supervisor is generally effective.      
34.  My department/school is better this year than it was last year.      
35.  My supervisor helps people grow in their jobs.      
36.  I often go home frustrated because of my job.      
37.  Compared to people who have similar jobs, my fringe benefits are adequate.      
38.  My department/school does “quality work.”      
39.  Most people in my department/school have the freedom they need to do their job well.      
40.  I have to go through a lot of “red tape” to get things done at work.      
41.  Employee ideas and suggestions get a fair hearing in this school district.      
42.  All things considered, this is a good place to work.      
43.  Our schools can be described as “a good place to learn.”      
44.  Our schools are orderly and conducive to learning.      
45.  My principal expects the best from all staff and students.      
46.  Administration here won’t tolerate poor staff performance.      
47.  Students here believe the staff is “warm” and cares about them.      
48.  Most parents believe our schools are doing a good job.      
49.  I believe our schools are doing a good job.      
50.  I am proud to work in this school district.      


Part III.

1.  Suppose for a moment that the Bellefonte Area School District had to cut programs and services in order to balance the budget.  If you were on the School Board, what types of things would you cut to reduce expenses?  



Part IV.

1.  Based upon your contact or experience with Central Office (Superintendent, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Payroll, Human Resources, Special Education, Business Office, Physical Plant, Print Shop, Management Information Systems/Technology, Food Services, and Transportation), how would you rate the following:


  Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Poor
1.  Attitude  
2.  Response Time - Returning Telephone Calls, E-mails, Answering your questions, etc.  
3.  If you needed an issue resolved, how was it resolved?  
4.  Accessibility  
5.  Professionalism  
6.  Overall Impression  











2.  What does the Bellefonte Area School District do well?



3.  What does the Bellefonte Area School District need to improve upon?



4.  If you could tell your immediate supervisor or superintendent one thing, what would it be?



5.  Is there anything else you would like to tell us.