Benner Elementary School
"A Community of Learners"

(Descriptions of Benner Elementary School were written by the students in grades one through five)

"Teachers help us buildup self-confidence" - Chi

"Our own teachers respect us and we respect them." - Kathryn

"A Community of Learners" by Vince ... A community of learners starts with a nice principal and an awesome school. Teachers are cool.
"Teachers" by Katelin ...Our community of learners is a group of teachers and staff reaching out to Benner School. Teachers have taken time to help many children in our school. Such as title and speech and just a little care.
"Music" by Megan ... Every year our school has a play. Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman, the music teachers, direct the play. They are about music. The third grade plays recorders, but every one sings.
"Story Night" by Kayla ... At story night, all the kids get a book. Then you can have a snack. Then you and your family can look at your book at your desk. It is very fun.
"Itinerant Staff" by Rebecca ... We have a very special Reading teacher. She helps people that need help. And if you need help reading, you will go to her room.
"Senior Institute" by Jessica ... Stacy is a worker. Stacy is nice. Stacy is from the high school.
"Reading Buddies" by Alison ... A reading buddy is someone that reads to you and comes to your classroom one day a week. Sometimes you have a party with your reading buddy. If a first grader can read a book, then the reading buddy listens to them.
"PTA" by Alicia ... The PTA does a lot of things for us. They pay for field trips, playground equipment, and books at the bookfair. They basically take care of us.
"Intramurals" by Sarah ... I like playing softball because it was fun after school for one hour. In our community, we work together to have a safe and happy time all in one!
"Computer Room" by Rory ... There is always a fun game in the computer room. In second grade we can write a story on the computer.
"A Community of Learners" by Adam ... A community of Learners means helpful. The kids in school help others if they get into trouble. In the computer room, if someone has a problem I always help. Helping is an important word.

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