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July 28-30, 2006
As the above photograph suggests, the 55th reunion was laid-back, informal, and fun.  It began with a mixer at Donna and Frank Clemson's house on Friday night, reconvened for a banquet at Celebration Hall Saturday night, and wound up with a Sunday morning outdoor brunch at the Pleasant Gap Legion. Click on Class News for photos of the 75th Birthday Party on August 2, 2008. 

Pictured above (left staircase):
(1st row, l to r) Ray Mong, Jack Shaughnessy, Frank Clemson;  (2nd row) Betty Stover Kantner, Lois Davidson Rhoades, Pat McBride Gallagher;  (3rd row) Thomas Rhoades, Emeline Ream Corl, Jean Heltman Miller;  (4th row) Ed Benner, Janet King Hayes, Richard Novosel;  (5th row) Evon Boldin, Guy Zerby;  (Standing, l to r) Kathryn Whipple Temchack, Sally Rider Wilson, Ray Wilson, Helen Brosky Jabco, Doris Ferne Yingling Grove, Lynn Moyer, Boots Jordan Precourt, John Lowery.

Pictured above (right staircase):
(1st row, l to r) Nancy Tanney Herlocher, MaryEllen Oves Rosenhoover, Janet Noll Naumer, Donna Symmonds Clemson;  (2nd row) Dolly Boscaino Torsell, Dr. Joe Besecker, Margaret Weaver Wolfe;  (3rd row) Donna Ramish Doherty, Janet Biddle McClellan, Jim McClellan;  (4th row) Charlie Sager, Joanne Sellers King, Rich King;  (5th row) John Knisely, Lew Baney, Janet Watson Baney.

Slide Show of 55th Reunion Banquet & Mixer Photos


Frank Clemson, Ray Mong, Charlie Sager




55th Reunion Breakfast Photos

Sharing a historic photo:  (l to r) Lynn Moyer, Guy
Zerby, Rich King, Janet McClellan.  (Background
Betty Kantner, Jim Doherty)

Married on the same day (June 11, 1955):  Jim & Donna Ramish Doherty,
Jim & Janet Biddle McClellan, Don & Janet King Hayes

Helen Brosky Jabco and Margie Lowery

(l to r)  Frank Torsell, Donna Symmonds Clemson, Pat
McBride Gallagher, Dolly Boscaino Torsell

Talked out:  (l to r) Ray
Wilson, Charlie Sager

(1st Row, l to r) Pat Gallagher, Helen Jabco, Donna & Frank Clemson,
Margie Lowery.  (2nd Row, l to r) Frank Torsell,
 Joe Besecker, Nancy Herlocher

Pleasant Gap gang:  (l to r) Janet Noll Naumer, Emeline Ream Corl,
Janet Biddle McClellan, Joe Besecker, John Lowery