A dream no longer deferred
Centre Line by Lara Brenckle

From the Centre Daily Times,  Wed, Jun. 11, 2003 story:PUB_DESC

A wise friend of mine once told me that a goal is just a dream with a deadline.

Last Friday, along with the other graduates, Angie Gummo, James Stoy, Doyle Smoyer and Dalene Lohr rose to accept their diplomas from Bellefonte Area High School.

What made the accomplishments of the four, who range from their mid-20s to mid-40s, so special was that they decided to put a deadline on an old dream of finishing high school.

Holly Temple, program coordinator for the High School Diploma Program for Adults, said the four left school for various reasons; their reasons for returning were equally varied.

Most, Temple said, desired to be role models to children or just prove to themselves they could do it.

This pilot program is not a GED, but an actual Bellefonte High School diploma. To attain it, they began last fall with twice-weekly, two-and-a-half hour class sessions. That's after a full day of work and family responsibilities.

With instructors Geri Roth and Jeff King as their guides, they went through the basics of math and English instruction.

In January, they began steps to complete 116 "competency" requirements, which included completing a CPR course, seeing a play, and analyzing and measuring their home to have new carpet installed.

Temple said the program, which is paid for with state money, has been green-lighted another year. The new class forms in September.

"I was in education for 14 years, and this is one of the most satisfying experiences I've been a part of," she said.

If you're interested in taking part in the next High School Diploma Program for Adults, contact Temple at 355-4814, ext. 3050. You can also check out the program at the Bellefonte Area School District's Web site, www.basd.net. You can find the program by clicking on the link to it.

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