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The committee meets the last Wednesday of every month - the site is to be determined. For any questions please contact Mr. Aaron Barto, Director of Physical Plant at 355-4814 ext 3006.

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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

April 27, 2005

A meeting of the Districtís Safety Committee was held March 30, 2005 at 3:00 P.M. at the Bellefonte Middle School conference room.  Those in attendance were:  William Cain, Aaron Barto, Ruth Ann Weight, & Mike Frazier.

Aaron read February meeting minutes and no changes were made.  Minutes were approved as read.

Old Business:

 1.  Doors are still propped open at high school in various places and they need to be monitored via the camera system to start punishing those who are responsible for breeching security.

 2.  Green hallway at high school new closures have hold opens on them that should not be there.

 Outstanding Work Place Safety Concerns: None

 Work Place Safety Concerns: None

 New Business:

 1.  Asbestos Removal. Aaron talked about the upcoming asbestos abatement at the High School and Marion-Walker school. The asbestos contractor will seal the area with plastic creating a negative pressure atmosphere and filtering all air coming in and out. An air monitoring company will constantly monitor the air quality inside and out throughout the project. There is no danger to any employee working in the facilities. A letter will be prepared to be sent to staff and parents of students in affected buildings.

 2.  Mercury awareness at the school level has been reinstated by the EPA, and recommends all schools remove mercury and mercury containing items. After reviewing with Principals, there is a barometer at the Middle School, and the Nurse will send me all mercury blood pressure devices.

 3.  High School parking. A letter was sent to parents from High School Administration about the lack of parking when the building project begins, and the recommendation to run a late bus for after school activities will be brought to the Board of Education.

 4.  All contactors working in the district are monitored by OSHA standards as opposed to the District which is monitored by Labor and Industry

 The next meeting is scheduled for May 25, 2005 at an undetermined location @ 3:00 pm. Meeting adjourned @ 3:40 p.m.

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