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The committee meets the last Wednesday of every month - the site is to be determined. For any questions please contact Mr. Aaron Barto, Director of Physical Plant at 355-4814 ext 3006.

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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2005 

A meeting of the Districtís Safety Committee was held March 2, 2005 at 3:00 P.M. at the Bellefonte Middle School conference room.  Those in attendance were:  William Cain, Aaron Barto, Judy Ripka, Ruth Ann Weight, Betsy Bennett & Patti Hillard.                                                    

Aaron read January meeting minutes and no changes were made.  Minutes were approved as read. 

Old Business: 

1.  Weather drill/emergency drills are to be practiced Statewide on March 10, 2005. 

2.  Aaron talked about his OSHA training and the District is on track as far as our policies and procedures already in place. Jeff and Aaron are working on a lock-out/tag-out system. 

Outstanding Work Place Safety Concerns: None 

Work Place Safety Concerns: None 

New Business: 

1.  Aaron read about the Locker search and the procedures that must be followed to avoid lawsuits. 

2.  The van wash bay in the 310 building is now operational and provides a warm are for people to wash their vans and to avoid causing ice areas at the high school and to avoid an accident in the garage area.  

3.  Discussion on moving the van keys to the custodial break room and move the key box outback. 

4.  A concern was brought forward about whether there was going to be cameras installed in the stairways in the high school upon renovation, and Aaron said that it was too early in the project to verify about camera locations. 

5.  Patti received a phone call about a student in Tennessee shooting a bus driver, and how this may affect our local bus drivers.  

The next meeting is scheduled for March 30, 2005 at the Bellefonte Area Middle School conference room @ 3:00 pm. Meeting adjourned @ 3:50 p.m.

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