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The committee meets the last Wednesday of every month - the site is to be determined. For any questions please contact Mr. Aaron Barto, Director of Physical Plant at 355-4814 ext 3006.

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Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2005

A meeting of the Districtís Safety Committee was held January 28, 2005 at 3:00 P.M. at the Pleasant Gap Elementary School conference room.  Those in attendance were:  William Cain, Aaron Barto, Judy Ripka, Pearl Hampton & Mike Frazier.

Aaron read December meeting minutes and no changes were made.  Minutes were approved as read.

Old Business:

1.  Aaron reported that the schools are getting much better at not allowing any service companies or salespeople in their facilities without check with Aaron first. There are still some that are slipping through the cracks, but it is getting much better.

 2.  There were no accidents to investigate. 

Outstanding Work Place Safety Concerns: None 

Work Place Safety Concerns: None

New Business:

1.  Pennsylvania Weather drill/Emergency drill is scheduled for March 10, 2005 however that is a vacation day and we will need to schedule our own drill as we did last year. The Superintendent has instructed all Principals to practice the District Emergency Drill on an annual basis.

2.  February 15&16 Aaron will be attending OSHA update training in State College. The District is not regulated by OSHA, however, the Collective Bargaining Agreement makes mention of the District following Labor & Industry and OSHA standards.

3.  In March Jeff Lucas will be attending Forklift Safety training.  He will be taking a Train the Trainer course and then he will be able to train and certify the rest of the Custodial/Maintenance staff as needed.

4.  Aaron read over the Bi-Laws and all in attendance were nominated for another one-year term on the Safety Committee. A verbal vote was taken, and all nominees were approved.

A.  Aaron will try to get a nurse (Georgi Johnson has never attended) and a member of maintenance (Jeff Lucas has not been able to attend) to attend the meetings. 

The next meeting is scheduled for February, 2005 place, date and time has not been scheduled at this time. Meeting adjourned at 3:50 pm.

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